Superintendent Phil Mitchell came to Cross Plains as the new superintendent in June of 2009. Prior to that, he served as superintendent at Loop ISD for seven years and as principal at Bangs ISD for 10 years. He is married to Debbie Mitchell and has three children. The oldest, Meghan, is an attorney in Lubbock. Kasha is a pharmacist in Lampasas. Kyle is a petroleum engineer in Hobbs, NM. 



The mission of the elementary and secondary schools of the Cross Plains ISD is to prepare all students to function effectively, successfully, and productively in our democratic society. This mission is grounded in the belief that all students can learn and can be successful in learning tasks if the teaching and learning experience are meaningful and appropriate. To this end, the campuses are committed to subscribing to the correlates of effective schools through their application in the daily operations at the campus and classroom levels.

The specific beliefs of the administration and faculty are as follows:

  • All students can learn.

  • Basic skills instruction is a shared responsibility among all faculty and staff.

  • Clearly defined teaching and learning expectations should be communicated to students and parents.

  • Parents and teachers should be partners in the instructional process.

  • A well-developed curriculum is the basis for instructional focus.

  • Technology is an integral factor in the teaching/learning process.

Buffalo Photo and Mission Statement courtesy of Cross Plains ISD

Please feel free to come by the school and visit and see what all we are doing.  We are excited about our students and for our administration and for all of the great things they have accomplished.

We would like to share with you a little bit about the structure of our school and the Cross Plains ISD School Boards responsibility to support this structure.  Remember we shared with you the goals and vision of our school in previous articles.  The structure of the school ultimately supports the goals and the vision.

The Cross Plains School Board provides guidance and direction for accomplishing the vision.  The board recognizes and respects the roles of the legislature, State Board of Education, and the Texas Education Agency.  These entities are also mentioned on our school website if you wish to know more about them.  Here are a few more of the things we do to provide structure to our school: 

  • Fulfill the statutory duties of the local board and uphold the laws, rules, and ethical procedures, and court orders pertaining to schools and school employees.

  • Focus our actions on policy making, planning, and evaluation.

  • We utilize participation, information, research, and evaluation to help achieve the district's vision.

  • We ensure that the district planning and decision making process enables the community, parents, and professional staff to contribute to achieving the vision.

  • The Board develops and adopts policies that provide guidance for accomplishing the vision, mission and goals.

  • The Board adopts a budget that incorporates sound business and fiscal practices and provides resources to achieve the district's vision, mission and goals.

  • The Board adopts goals, approves student's performance objectives, and establishes policies that provide a well-balanced curriculum resulting in improved student learning.

  • The Board approves goals, policies, and programs that ensure a safe and disciplined environment conducive to learning.

  • The Board oversees the management of the district by employing a superintendent and evaluating the superintendent's performance in providing education leadership, managing daily operations, and performing all duties assigned by law.

  • The Board adopts policies and standards for hiring, assigning, appraising and compensating school district personnel in compliance with state laws and rules.

All of the above information is from the Texas Association of School Boards "Framework for School Board Development".

 Submitted by:

Cross Plains ISD School Board Trustees


  • President Roy Richey

  • Vice President Michael Cowan

  • Secretary Brian Allen

  • Assistant Secretary Bryan Bennett

  • Trustee Porcious Potter

  • Trustee Jack Shepard

  • Trustee John Fred McWilliams

Regular School Board meetings are the third Thursday of each month, except during football season when they are the third Tuesday of each month.